Your SECURE portal for data submissions

HMOs and HSAs, Medicare and Medicaid, hospital fees and insurance rates — the healthcare world is awash in data. Managing that supply — and making sense of it — is no small task. Fortunately, there's a solution: Onpoint CDM (Claims Data Manager).

It's been doing the job since 2003, providing customized databases for clients of all sizes. Flexible, secure, and scalable, it's designed to handle any amount of data, putting it together and then pulling it apart so clients can find deficiencies, efficiencies, trends, and trouble spots.

Built and backed by staff at the nonprofit, nonpartisan Onpoint Health Data, Onpoint CDM is designed with one goal in mind: helping the healthcare community by providing reliable data and accurate analysis.

Onpoint CDM is more than just a database. It's a data solution.