Data Security

Onpoint Health Data takes security seriously. That's why we built Onpoint CDM using the latest technology and the toughest security measures around. From HIPAA standards to SSL/TLS, de-identified data to encrypted uploads, we take every step possible to protect patient privacy and client confidentiality.

Those steps begin with preventing unauthorized access to Onpoint CDM in the first place. Existing measures include limiting both external and internal administrative server access to a secure shell (SSH), defining narrow sets of ports and protocols for firewalls, and removing or disabling Telnet, FTP, and other services that allow information to travel unencrypted across the network.

Onpoint CDM's internal security is just as robust. Our database structure resides on partitioned and clustered Oracle 10g Enterprise Edition in a data warehouse attached by redundant fiber-channel switching to a RAID-configured scalable storage area network. Disaster recovery services are housed off-site and include both cold and warm backup of Onpoint CDM, allowing for both functionality and the long-term storage of processed data. In-place measures allow us to recover client data in a timely fashion and warehouse data within a 24-hour window.

Expert at dealing with data in hand, we're just as diligent when it comes to its release. Routine protection measures include internal procedures that control access to secure information, the logging and monitoring of access to data, security awareness and training for staff, a demonstrated culture of confidentiality, and in-place procedures to respond to suspected or known security incidents.