Registration & Testing


Onpoint CDM is an interactive solution, designed so clients and submitters can keep track of their data as closely as we do. Want to know how your data files are faring in the ETL process? Curious about the status of resubmissions? Interested in outputting reports? Onpoint CDM can help. Built with our clients in mind, Onpoint CDM opens the door to a collaborative and resource-rich partnership.

But to open that door, you first have to have the keys. Which is where registration comes in. All data submitters and clients are required to register with Onpoint CDM to ensure system security. It's a thorough process, but one we'll walk you through, helping if questions arise. Registrants and their designated contacts receive access to Onpoint CDM as well as email notices and newsletters that provide up to date news, tips, and tutorials.

Once credentialed, submitters begin the testing phase. Testing — a series of steps that data must pass through before submissions are permitted — is both required and extensive. We'll run your data through the full battery of evaluation processes and quality checks to assess your data's integrity, quality, and completeness. Once testing is concluded and your data processes are approved, uploading can begin.