Welcome to the Connecticut All-Payer Claims Database (CT APCD).

The CT APCD was established for the purpose of collecting, assessing and reporting healthcare information relating to safety, quality, cost-effectiveness, access, and efficiency for all levels of healthcare. The APCD is overseen by Access Health CT (AHCT), which also operates the state’s health insurance exchange.

Your organization will play a critical part in creating this important resource, providing the foundational data needed to enhance understanding of the use, cost, quality, and delivery of healthcare across Connecticut. We’re glad you’re part of this exciting initiative — and we’re here to help.

We’re Onpoint Health Data, Access Health CT’s contracted vendor to perform data integration, enhancement, and reporting in support of the broad use and understanding of the APCD’s data.

For new submitters, this site's pages, as well as the FAQs and the CT APCD Data Submission Companion Guide, will help you become familiar with the particulars of data submissions, offering information on how data fields should be prepared and how to protect and transmit data for the CT APCD. For submitters already familiar with Onpoint, these resources may provide a helpful refresher on coding specifications and program milestones. Whether new or veteran, welcome! We’re glad you’re part of the CT APCD.